John Siedenberg Design


Learn about us and what we do best.


Our mission


John Siedenberg Design was created to meet the specific needs of YOU our Clients.  We will work within your budget, space, and time to create a unique and impactful theatrical experience for your audience.  We specialize in making professional lighting and scenery more affordable for our clients.

So who are we?


We are a small Christian owned and operated design and production company located in Williamstown, Kentucky.  We create personalized designs based upon YOUR show performed in YOUR theatre.  We also specialize in producing shows in in spaces other than a theatre such as gymnasiums, outdoors, or small flexible spaces.  We do everything from start to finish and every level.  From designing and building scenery, designing and executing lighting, to live sound reinforcement we handle every aspect that you need us to- professionaly.  No project is too small - we even handle shows as small as a few temporary lighting fixtures for a one night school play

Our staff is eager to help take your production to the next level.  We offer professional designers, scene painters, audio technicians, lighting equipment, and lighting technicians all working to help realize your show's full potential.  Our staff is experienced in Scenic and Lighting Design, Scenic Construction, Audio Production, Props, and Scene Painting.

As a small company we offer personalized service and never use "cookie cutter" design packages or a generic approach.  Everything we do is unique to your production.



We offer the following services to meet YOUR production needs:

Our Rental Inventory includes the following equipment:

NSI/Colortran control consoles, NSI dimming, PAR 64 fixtures, Ellipsoidal fixtures, Fresnel fixtures, Intellabean 700HX moving fixtures, Elipscan moving mirrors, Fog machines, Haze machines, Yamaha mixers, DBX processors, Yamaha Speakers, Custom build folder horn subs, and all the related equipment.



Our Clients are the heart of everything that we do.  They range from schools to churches and professional theatres.  We have produced designs for shows both large and small in spaces both traditional and non-traditional.  We take pride in the fact that folks put their TRUST in us to make their show a reality.   Some clients have included: Kincaid Regional Theatre, Campbell County Schools, Bracken County Schools, Williamstown Schools, The City of Williamstown Kentucky, The Ovation Theatre Company, Alexandria Dance Academy, Kaliedoscope Dance Company, and many others!

Our History

John Siedenberg Designs is founded by designing and building its first show!
Our first rental equipment is offered.  We now can handle more shows in-house without renting gear from another source!
We become the 'resident' design company at Campbell County High School now producing 3 shows per season for them plus several other clients.
Kincaid Regional Theatre becomes a full time client.  We are now producing over 6 full shows per year plus several other smaller rental events.
Our rental inventory is now expanded to include moving lights and multiple consoles.  We now are offering multiple show rentals on the same date in multiple venues.
Our rental inventory is now expanded to include a small audio system capable of handling small to medium outdoor shows.  We handle the local city festival's audio needs for the first time.